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Complex Anterior Segment Procedures

We offer complex surgeries of the anterior chamber done by our highly experienced ophthalmologists. These surgeries are challenging and typically involve revision of a prior surgery or repair of structures in the anterior segment of the eye after damage due to trauma.

Pterygium and Ocular surface tumors

Both benign and malignant growths can occur on to the ocular surface. Pterygiums are the most common form of benign growth which form due to ultraviolet exposure. These can lead to visual distortion and discomfort and often times require surgical excision. The conjunctiva and cornea may also develop mass lesions which are concerning for malignancy. In such cases, topical chemotherapy, surgical excision or combination of both may be required.

Intraocular Lens (IOL) Reposition or Exchange

Intraocular lens repositioning may be required if the IOL is displaced from its anatomical position due to trauma or loose structural support. An IOL exchange may be required if the originally placed intraocular lens is not of the desired refractive power. Sometimes, patients may have symptoms of glare after multifocal lenses and may need an exchange for a monofocal lens.

Secondary IOL implantation

If the intraocular lens originally placed does not have enough support to hold it in place, it may need to be fixated to the sclera, iris or be placed in the anterior chamber. Various considerations are taken into account to decide upon the ideal type of lens and procedure on an individual case-by-case basis.

Iris reconstruction

This procedure is done to repair a defective iris which could be because of trauma, eye surgery, or present from birth. Sutures can be used to repair these tears. If a large amount of tissue is damaged, artificial iris may be required.

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